Avant de venir skier avec nous, n'achetez pas de cache-cou dans une grande enseigne : le tour de cou du Ski-Club de Villard Reculas est en vente dans notre bureau.
10 € intégralement destinés à aider l'association du Ski-Club et permettre aux enfants de skier davantage et dans de meilleurs dispositions.

Do not buy any neck warmer before coming to Villard Reculas: we sell one at our sales office. It costs 10€ which are fully redistributed to Villard Reculas Ski-Club. This sale helps the association so that kids have even better training conditions.


N'hésitez pas !
Thank you!


Motivation du lundi !
Monday motivation!

Lundi 18 Novembre 2019. Paysages faisant face à la place des commerces de Villard Reculas. Bon visionnage :)
Monday, November 18th. Views in front of Villard Reculas. Enjoy! :)

Grand Galbert

Grand Galbert


Couloir Grand Galbert

Arbres enneiges Villard Reculas

Renaud Oisans






Première neige de la saison 2019-2020 !

Photos du Mardi 05 Novembre 2019... en attendant les prochaines chutes de neige !!
All photos were taken Tuesday, November 5th. More snow should (will!!) fall soon!

Neige Villard Reculas

Déjà au téléski du Petit Prince, 10cm sont là...
4in. of snow at the start of Petit Prince skilift

Et c'est 30cm qui sont tombés au sommet du Signal (2100m) :
At the top of Signal (2100m), there is more than 1ft. of snow:

Arbres enneigés Alpe d'Huez

Neige Alpe d'Huez Signal Novembre 2019

La piste Marcel's Farm :

Marcel Farm piste Alpe d'Huez


La neige n'est pas encore descendue jusqu'au village de Villard Reculas, ce qui offre de très beaux contrastes de couleurs en ce début de mois de Novembre :
Villard Reculas village was just under the snow-rain limit (very normal in early November). This offers great views of both autumn and winter colors:

Villard Reculas arc en ciel

Villard Reculas 05 Novembre 2019


A très bientôt sur les skis !!  //  See you soon on the slopes!





"On enlève bientôt les roulettes !"

Ski-roue, Octobre 2019

Entrainement Jean-Charles Pitztal Ski

Some of our ski instructors took part in the local ski-club (Ski-Club de Villard Reculas) training camp held in Austria in October. They are either coaches or members of the managing team of the Ski-Club.

During a week, the children from the Ski-Club could train & ski every morning and afternoon. The played through various activities in the afternoon aswell (running, games, football, wellness area at the hotel!!). Most of all, this week was all about having great moments of friendliness and cohesion between parents, coaches and kids.

Ski conditions were good this year despite a challenging weather on some days. The ski area had been very well prepared. Children have skied a lot and will be able to build on these 5 solid days for the upcoming season.


Flashback with images on this highlight moment:

Glacier Pitztal

Part of the ski area, seen from the funicular arrivalGlacier Pitztal Piste

A very nice piste at 3200m of elevationGlacier Pitztal Slalom

"A few" slaloms ... !
Glacier Pitztal Slalom Entrainement

Let's go !Glacier Pitztal Funiculaire

In the funicular

Part of the group, waiting for the shuttle

Some pictures from our 2 groups:


Now a few weeks to wait before riding Alpe d'Huez slopes!

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